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      The home and abroad market analysis of D/DL-Threonine---New feature of amino acid industry

      D/DL/L-Threonine is a kind of important, organic, chiral source. It's mainly used in chiral drug, chiral additive, chiral adjuvant etc, also widely used in pharmaceutical industry. As an optically active organic acid, it has the irreplaceable effect in the asymmetric synthesis process of some chiral compounds. Currently, it's primarily used as a protective agent in the producing of new cephalosporin antibiotic, alkamine and polypeptide. Generally, D-Threonine comes from chiral resolution of DL-Threonine. However, our DL-Threonine production has several steps: complexation of Glycine and cupric sulfate--aldol condensation with acetaldehyde in the condition of decompression and catalysis--copper removal through ammonium ion exchange—concentration--ethanol extraction. Our Specom does the best to get higher product yield by continuous technical innovation, optimizing reaction conditions and handling method.
        Our company (Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co.,Ltd, http://www.asyndetic.com, supplying Tryptophan/ Methionine/ Serine/ Proline/ Glutamine/ Leucine/ Arginine Hcl/ Tyrosine) makes use of price superiority(the superiority of DL-Threonine cost ), researches and optimizes technological chain of chiral resolution, continuously improves the yield and assay of D-Threonine, thus we keep the competitive edge in domestic and oversea market. Presently we (Zhangjiagang Specom Biochemical Co.,Ltd---http://www.asyndetic.com---L-Tryptophan| L-Methionine/ N-Acetyl-DL/ L-Methionine/ L-Arginine/ L-Leucine/ L-Trosine/ L-Proline/ L-Glutamine)are the main supplier of D-Threonine in Japan and Korea. Of course, we are also the domestic unique supplier who actually produces the goods. The capacity/month is about 100kgs steadily

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